Consistency is Getting better

I had been having trouble getting in my workouts regularly.  Since the second kid came it had been rough getting in any kind of workouts but I'm doing a bit better with it recently.  I've been doing at least a little bit almost every day, and usually i actually get a wod in.  I've been working on my trying to get my clean technique back up to par so I can start getting some pr's.  Its been a while since I've had a pr on any of the olympic lifts.  I'm doing good with the butterfly pull ups now and they even seem natural to me.  

It is getting hot here in Texas so working out in the garage does get hot.  We have a fan and working out in the mornings or evenings helps a bit when I can get to it at those times.  I'm just happy I've been able to be more consistant with my work. Without that every workout is as hard as the last. I'm looking forward to them starting to get easier again.  I was getting in very good shape around 10 months ago and I really regret letting myself slack.

Float like a Butterfly

Finally getting those butterfly pull-ups down.  It has taken a bit, but just having the setup at home and working on 2, 3, or 5 in a row for a week or two has brought me some great results.  I am not getting large numbers strung together but I really didn't get large numbers strung together with kipping pull-ups either.  It wasn't an attempt at a PR but I did get 7 earlier.  I was just doing a bunch and some kb swings to try to get some work in.  I've been busy trying to get my business going again and with the two little ones that leaves little time for anything.  

My wonderful wife puts up with me being on the computer all night working and coming home to a messy house with little complaint.  I am so blessed to have her.  I made us some cookies again tonight.  It had been a while since I baked us any treats but we have been having cookies a couple times a week, but other than that trying to eat fairly well.  We need to get back to a stricter paleo for a while but that never seems to work out for long with us.  

Check out last weeks post, I was down five pounds again.

Down another Five!!!!

So I've been pretty strict after the whole30 we did.  I've mostly stuck to black coffee, kept away from dairy, and mostly stayed eating paleo.  I'm down another 5 lbs today.  This is even with weighing in in the afternoon after drinking plenty fluids and eating, hopefully I can get a better reading tomorrow morning and it'll show I lost even more.  The workouts have also still been pretty inconsistant but I'm still getting a couple in each week.

I'm super happy with the results I've been getting from eating better and I even like our new pre-workout drinks.  They're from vitacost, we are using ARO pre-workout drinks and also their protien now.  I really like the protien but I wish it had some glutamine in it.  Anyway, some other protiens I've had in the past were gritty, or just didn't taste good.  The ARO vanilla is great so thats a plus.  

I'm working toward getting a bar muscle up again. I'm still not sure if I will hit my head in the garage yet.  I can definately feel the change like I did when I had first started hitting the weights hard last year.  Until next time KEEP GOING GET THAT NEXT REP!!!

I am glad my recent cheat meals hadn't had too much effect on my gains.

Easter cheating

So Easter came and went, and the dedication I had going for the whole30 was also on holiday.  I had a fair amount of candy, some cookies, some sweet tea and mac n cheese.  We were on the last week but I failed to hold out.  I have also had some problems keeping the 5,3,1 programming going steadily.  I have continued to get in some workouts but not as regularly and not as long as required to get the 5,3,1 strength work in.  

With all the sickness throwing us for a loop, I'm glad that I've at least kept some training going. Keeping to a schedule while trying to work from home and all the extra things that are going on in our lives has been tough. I'm still down 10 lbs from about a month ago so thats good progress.  I need to get down about 20 more lbs to meet my goal.  I was down to 165 about a year ago so I know that would be about as low as I would want to get.  

We had company and I cooked my best set of ribs ever this weekend.  I made my own sauce with fruit juices cooked down, with a bit of apple cider vinegar and spices while boiling down.  My sause was 1 can pineapple chunk (full size can), about 8 -12 oz of apple juice, seasoned with (about 1 tsp each) garlic powder, mustard powder, paprika, chilli powder, and Tony's(x2).  I had that on a low boil for 1 1/2 hours then added a small can of tomato paste, after about 1 more hour I strained it.

One day i'll put up my rib recipie techniques, not today.  For now check out the images of our home gym.

I promized some pictures

I haven't been quite as consistant as I had hoped when we decided to get the home gym.  It has been a rough week with the little ones getting sick, my wife getting sick, trying to dig out the backyard for the garden etc. etc.  We will  be having a community garage sale soon so hopefully we can get rid of a few of the items cluttering our gym.  That is also a nuisance when going to work out.  

We are pretty happy with the space though its fairly small for the size rig we have in there and performing muscle ups on the bar requires ducking my head a bit.  I still haven't gone to get the materials to build a box for box jumps but that will happen soon enough also.  I've been able to get some great wod's in when it was convienient and at times when I couldn't have driven to a gym, wod, and been home in time for the family responsibilities.  

We are nearing the end of our whole30 and will probably keep eating quite clean for another month at least.  So far the only cheats I've had were the 4 cookies, and 3 bbq soaked meatballs at the birthday party (and a cupcake) and gatoraid and crackers the day I was sick.  I think that's pretty good, and I'm not disappointed by those cheats.

I always do feel better when I am eating healthy at home.


Healthy foods from the store and backyard

So its Saturday, and we're about to make our trip to the grocery store to get fresh fruits, veggies, and meat.  We also have another trip planned this weekend.  To the hardware store, to get materials for our raised garden.  I've been trying to learn as much as possible online about how to grow the foods that we eat regularly to at least suppliment our grocery store trips with homegrown organic vegitables.  Last year when we bought our house we planted an orange tree in the front.  This year I want to start our garden in the back and clear out some extra land we own outside the fence.

I'll put some pictures of the progress when I get the beds made, and eventually I'll show you guys some veggies.  It's hard to stay on track with a whole30 and sometimes I just have to do what is right for my body and it may not necessarily be following a strict diet.  Like when I was sick last week.

Having issues

Well I got sick yesterday and ended up eating some crackers and drinking some gatoraid.  I had gone to a birthday party and ate a few cookies (4) and some bacon wrapped meatballs soaked in bbq sause, the kind i know is loaded with sugar.  

So I ended up having some issues and I was sick yesterday.  I'm two weeks in and have just started transitioning to cooked foods also.  Not sure if that is also giving me problems or it was just the cheats over the weekend.  I haven't kept up with the workout routine while I was sick, so I guess I'll just try to continue and see how it works out for the next series.  I was planning on doing two cycles either way. 

We finally got wall balls, before we had to do wall balls with slam balls and they don't quite bounce off the wall enough so its different.  Anyway I still feel pretty good with the exception of yesterday so I'm going to try to stick with it.

Eating good, feeling better

So its almost been a week, yea I know that isn't very long. Yesterday I felt great at breakfast after my usual grapefruit, banana and coffee.  I also had an apple and some cashews along with that.  I sometimes have an extra banana, sometimes an apple or orange.  I've been able to put in workouts for the last few days in our home gym.  We do crossfit styled workouts and follow a couple popular boxes to find wods or just write our own.

Whole30 Exercise Plan

So my plan to eat nothing but raw foods for the first 2 weeks of my whole30 is going just about as planned.  I am doing mostly salads for lunch and dinner, and I am doing as planned with 1/2 portion of meat at lunch and a full portion for dinner.  My breakfasts have been 2 bananas and 1/2 grapefruit generally.  I have been eating 1/2 a chicken thigh or ground beef with my  salads for lunch and dinner,   I have been pretty satisfied now that I am getting accustomed to it.  The first day was rough since I tried only having 1 banana for breakfast and didn't add meat to the salad.  My calorie intake was a bit low and I was hungry.  I ended up eating a couple handfulls of raisins which I needed but I'd rather not since that's a large amount of sugar.

Eating whole30 Portions

This will be about the third time I've done a Whole30 with my wife.  If you don't know what that is find more information at  We've been eating paleo, sometimes with adjustments, sometimes strict.  This time I am planning on eating mostly raw veggies for the first couple weeks in an attempt to purge any bad gut bacteria.  This first couple weeks I will only have a half portion of meat with lunch and a portion of meat with dinner in addition to my raw veggies.